History of Beta Yesrael

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The Beta Yisrael journey starts with the Queen of Sheba in First Kings chapter 10. Since then the Ethiopian Jews (Beta Yisrael) have kept their religion for more than 3000 years in Ethiopia, hoping year after year that they will be in Jerusalem. In Acts 8, the Ethiopian eunuch was the first to be saved after meeting Philip. After he returned to Ethiopia he carried his salvation with him and told everyone about Yeshua, thereby making the Ethiopian Jews some of the first Messianic believers in the world.

Since then, the Beta Yisrael have strongly kept the Jewish religion and faith even though many of them went through difficulties and_ hardships because of their faith. During the 18th century, when the Europeans who kept the traditional Mosaic Law according to the Bible found them, the Ethiopian Jews were amazed, because all along they thought they were the only Jews in the world.

After the Ethiopian Jews were recognized by the rest of the world, they started their journey to come to Israel. Since 1948 until today, the Ethiopians have been on a journey to make it to the Promised Land. About 100,000 Ethiopian Jews have already made aliyah (immigrated) to Israel, but there are many more (50,000) left in Ethiopia who still suffer tremendously. HIIM has a significant call to bring these people into their promised land and to give them hope through the message of Yeshua.


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